Apple is Investing into Renewable Energy



The tech giant is paving the way for large organisations to turn to renewable energy, fight climate change and invest into the future.

Renewable Energy Milestone

Apple has recently announced the news to the public that within 43 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, China and India, all of their retail stores, data centres and corporate offices are running completely on renewable energy. To achieve this, Apple utilised various renewable energy methods, ranging from solar and wind power all the way to biogas fuel cells.

Fighting Climate Change for a While Now

The fact that Apple is actively combatting climate change is not ground-breaking news. Apple were proud to say in 2014 that all of their data centres have been powered by renewable energy. An even bigger achievement was that their renewable energy projects have been cutting carbon dioxide emission from their facilities by 54% since their start in 2011.

Fighting Climate Change in the Present

Apple’s HQ in California is one of their most successful renewable energy projects the company has conducted. The building which is covered with solar panels are not only providing sufficient amount of renewable energy to supply their own production usage, but they also return excess clean energy to the public grid during periods of minimal uptake.

Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Market

Apple is not the only high-profile company investing deeply into renewable energy. Google has been combating climate change by being carbon neutral since 2007, whilst fuelling their operations completely with renewable energy last year. On the other hand, Microsoft is also busy fighting climate change by using renewable energy as their main source for power: Microsoft’s global operations have been carbon neutral since 2012, meanwhile they are on track to reduce carbon emissions by 75% until 2030. Technology giants are in a consensus that by spending on renewable energy, not only are they capable of reducing their costs, but at the same time they are becoming more attractive for talents whom they are aiming to attract.

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