A safer and more renewable solution for fuel and not just for your car

What is BIOethanol?

Infinite supply

Bioethanol is a completely renewable source of energy, meaning it provides an infinite supply of fuel. As it is made from biomass, no net carbon dioxide is emitted.

Considerate of the ozone layer

It does not damage the ozone layer as much as conventional petrol, since the exhaust gas is generally cleaner due to the higher percentage of combustion and the emission is less reactive with sunlight. If Bioethanol is blended with petrol, it secures fuel supply by extending lifespan of diminishing oil sources.


Events of oil spills have had devastating effects on wildlife and the general environment. However, bioethanol is biodegradable and non-toxic, unlike crude oil based fuels.

Your best choice

Why ARUNDO Energy Reed?

Available polymeric sugar content of Arundo is 65% per dry ton yield

Yield from sugar to ethanol conversion is 0.51 kg of ethanol per kg of sugar

Arundo’s potential process yield is 265 kg of ethanol per dry metric ton of raw material

4 tons of Arundo = 1 ton of cellulose ethanol

1 tonne of Arundo = 330 liters of cellulose ethanol