Higher biogas yield for half the price

What is BIOgas?

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The technology utilised for biogas production has been around for years. The question is whether the raw material supply for the production process is enough. Other than the fact that it is a well-known and established technology, biogas is an eco friendly solution.

Suitable for everyone

One of its main advantages is that it can be utilised for both small and large scale purposes, whilst also qualifying as a storable source of green energy. This means that regardless of the size of your company, your biogas facility or your production goals, biogas is an ideal fuel source.

Carbon neutral fuel

As we know of its evident benefit of reducing pollution, having a cleaner impact on the environment, and releasing biogenic carbon dioxide, biogas is an overall carbon neutral fuel.

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Why ARUNDO Energy Reed?

Biogas and bio-methane gas production is 1.5 times higher compared to corn and 3 times more than triticale, whilst the cost of production is 50% lower

Methane content of biogas produced from Arundo is over 60%

Biogas yield from Arundo donax is 413 m3/ton

Electricity production per ton of Arundo is 275 kWh

Arundo donax – total production on 1 ha = 16,000 m3 / ha (100 metric tons of silage / ha x 160 m3 of biogas / metric ton)

Corn – Total production on 1 ha = 11,000 m3 / ha, 50 metric tons of silage / ha x 220 m3 of biogas / metric ton)

Triticale – Total production on 1 ha = 4,800 m3 / ha, (30 metric tons of silage / ha x 30 m3 of biogas / metric ton