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Message from the Founder

  • We envision a clean and sustainable environment for our current community and the future generations alike.
  • With the utilisation of marginal lands and creating energy plantations, Arundo is the solution to provide biomass for the bioenergy sector.
  • We aspire to become the number one supplier of Arundo plantlets for the renewable energy solutions on a global scale.

Environmental protection is at the heart of our activity and we are committed to the principles of sustainable development. Let’s work together for both our Earth and energy independence:


              Plant Arundo and harvest energy!

Sándor Pákozdi
CEO, Managing Director

About us

Arundo BioEnergy

  • We are a biotechnology company using worldwide patented, state of the art micro-propagation technology, enabling us to produce genetically stable, high quality, virus free Arundo plantlet on an industrial scale.
  • We have different ecotypes of Arundo suitable for a wide range of climate conditions like continental, mediterranean, subtropical, tropical, semi-arid, etc.
  • We are an innovative company, putting a lot of focus and energy  on research to develop new ecotypes acclimatised to different conditions.
  • We have dedicated staff to provide professional support to our customers.

Mission Statement

Supplying high-quality, genetically stable, homogenous and virus-free plantlets on an industrial scale, fully satisfying our customers’ needs


Develop new, elite Arundo varieties that enable the utilisation of saline land by virtue of their ecophysiological traits


Develop planting and cultivation technology for secure and economical biomass production


Endorse integrity based corporate culture and workplace conditions that create an atmosphere that encourages creativity, continuous improvement and innovation, as well as and personal development individually and as a team.


Greetings from

Our Team

Dora Leitner

Dora Leitner

Project Leader

BA International Relations and Development Studies at University of Sussex and MSc Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science at Lund University

With a background in environmental sciences, Dora encourages sustainability at all levels of business and facilitates communication with different stakeholders.

Sandor Pakozdi Jr.

Sandor Pakozdi Jr.

Project Manager

LLB Law and MSc International Management at University of Exeter, UK

With a combination of legal and business background, Sandor brings diversity to the team. With his client-centred approach, he strives to satisfy our customers’ demands.

Kristof Pakozdi

Kristof Pakozdi

Project Manager

Business and Management at Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Kristof has had an extensive amount of experience with Arundo throughout the last couple of years. He is fully engaged in the business side of the bioenergy field.

Melinda Toth-Szabo

Melinda Toth-Szabo

Laboratory Director


As one of the first laboratory workers, with diligance and hard work, Melinda has achieved the position of Laboratory Director. Melinda’s attention to detail is the core of our efficient production line.

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Sandor Pakozdi



Sandor Pakozdi Jr.



Dora Leitner

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Do not hestitate to get in touch! Send us an email and we will give you a quote.

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