Arundo Homeopathy: All You Need To Know – PART II



Although Arundo donax, or giant reed, is mostly known as a valuable energy crop, it has been for a long time utilised as a bio homeopathic medicine as well. This tall, perennial cane contains indole alkaloids that have a high bufotenine content. Plants and fungi that contain indole alkaloids have a long history of use in traditional medicine, to help fight off pain.

The tincture of the homoeopathic remedy is usually made from the roots of giant reed, and it is used to treat the symptoms of allergies and many other inconveniences. In the second part of the Arundo homeopathy series you will find a thematic list (based on body parts) about the conditions giant reed is believed to mitigate.

Arundo Homeopathy for the Head

Arundo homeopathy is recommended in case of itching of the scalp or to prevent hair loss. It is thought to remedy pustules, sooth the pain in the occiput and deep seated pain in the sides of the head.

Arundo Homeopathy for the Ears

Applying Arundo as a homeopathic remedy helps with the burning and itching in auditory canals in allergy seasons. It is also a remedy for eczema behind ears.


Arundo Homeopathy for the Nose

The symptoms of hay-fever, such as burning and itching in the nostrils, and also, sneezing can be lessen with Arundo homeopathy.

Arundo Homeopathy for the Mouth

For burning, itching or bleeding gums giant reed can be a remedy, as well as for fissures on the tongue.

Arundo Homeopathy for the Stool

Arundo homeopathy is believed to help stopping diarrhoea of children who are still being breastfed. 

Arundo Homeopathy for the Urine

In case of feeling a burning sensation during urinating, medicine made of giant reed is deemed to be helpful. However, should you have red sediments in the urine, seek medical help immediately.

Arundo Homeopathy for Female Problems

A lot of women struggles when it comes to their period. Probably one of the most common of the problems connected to monthlies is profuse menses, and giant reed homeopathy is worth trying in this case. 


Arundo Homeopathy for Respiratory Issues

Medicine from Arundo donax can help when one suffers from dyspnoea or coughing. Since Arundo donax is a bio homoeopathic remedy which is rich in bufotenin, it can also be helpful in treating inflammations that occur in the respiratory tract. However, it must be pointed out that Arundo homeopathy in this case is mainly used to relieve the pain caused by the inflammation – not the inflammation itself.

Arundo Homeopathy for the Limbs

Arundo homeopathy can lessen itching or burning sensations of the hands and feet, as well as the symptoms of oedema. It helps soothing the burning and swelling of soles. Giant reed remedies the excessive sweating of the feet as well.

Arundo Homeopathy for the Skin

Overall, Arundo donax helps lessening the symptoms of eczema, such as itching, especially on the upper limbs. It is thought to remedy fissures on fingers and heels as well.

Good to know: Arundo Donax is especially beneficial for children. However, it cannot be used as basic treatment and it should not replace allopathic medicine. The information above do not constitute medical advice. 

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