Arundo raiz nua ex vitro de plântulas, para o plantio em estufa

Geneticamente estável (nãoGMO) livre de vírus, ex vitro arundo climatizado, raiz nua, plântulas não unificadas, prontas para o plantio na estufa em grupos.

Arundo raiz nua ex vitro plântulas unificadas, para o plantio na estufa

Geneticamente estáveis (nãoOGM) livre de vírus, ex vitro Arundo donax climatizada, raiz nua,
mudas prontas para o plantio na estufa individualmente em forros.



We start production once the advance payment is credited to our bank account. The first delivery is expected within 6 months time from the date of the start of production. The delivery will be on a weekly basis. The mutually agreed delivery schedule will be attached to the contract.

The plantation processshould be started when the weather is getting warmer and frequent rainfall is expected (in Continental and Mediterraneanclimates) or when the rainy season is starting (sub-tropical, tropical). You can plant at any time of the yearin semi-arid or arid region if you can solve irrigation.

If we add the production time (6 months) and acclimatization (2 months) you must order at least 8 months prior the plantation season.

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