How Will Climate Change Impact YOU?



Recent reports have studied the effect of climate change on the population, coming to the conclusion that this major issue will cost the United States alone billions of dollars.

Climate Change is Presenting Growing Challenges

There is no doubt that the future risks from climate change depend on what decisions are made today. The stakes are on the rise, as reports emerging from the National Climate Assessment have highlighted the effects on human health and safety, quality of life and even the rate of economic growth. Climate Change is undeniable and have been witnessed in the US through the overwhelmed dams in South Carolina; failing crops in the parched Great Plains; a rise in insect-borne disease in Florida.

Effect of Climate Change on the Economy

Climate change is said to have a negative impact on almost all sectors in the American society. The projected damages are reaching hundreds of billions in US dollars near the end of the century, which is equal to the current GDP of various US states. Therefore, climate change has a direct impact on the infrastructure – the economic growth is predicted to slow down.

How big is the threat of climate change?

The IPCC report mentioned in our previous articles have alerted the need to make changes that should reduce the extent of climate change. It reported that the carbon dioxide emissions must be reduced globally by 45% by 2030, coal utility should be reduced to zero, and most interestingly, 2.7 million square miles should be planted with energy crops. Arundo Donax thus may increase its appearance in the US as a low cost and high yield energy crop; not only being a good business investment, but an investment into our future.

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Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-46325168?

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