Biomass Energy


With around 50-80 dry tonnes* of biomass yield per hectare every year, Arundo is way ahead of its competitors.

*Depends on climate and applied agricultural technology

What is BIOmass Energy?


Biomass energy is considered a renewable form of energy because the organic materials used to produce it are never-ending.

Solution to climate change

The only carbon released into to the environment from biomass fuels is the quantity that was absorbed by plants throughout their life cycle. This aspect renders biomass cleaner than all other forms of energy production.

Cost efficient

Producing biomass energy does not require a heavy capital input either. The low cost of production is passed on to the customers benefits, meaning that customer’s energy bills will shrink.

Your best choice

Why ARUNDO Energy Reed?

Arundo has an 18 MJ/kg energy value which is equal to wood

The yield of this revolutionary energy cane is 50-80 dry tonnes* per hectare, an income that is measured annually from the first year

Harvested Arundo has a 9-12 % moisture content after leaving on field for a couple of days

Ash content of 4-6 % is slightly higher than wood’s, but has a high melting point of 900-1000 celsius which is safe for all power plants

Arundo can be stored in 600-800 kg/bales which reduces logistic costs

*Depends on climate and applied agricultural technology