Fight against Climate Change! Plant Arundo and Harvest Biomass for Renewable Energy!

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why Arundo is the best biomass source for RENEWABLE ENERGY

Everything you need to know about Arundo Biomass production in a nutshell.

We deliver bare-root and acclimatised soil-ball Arundo plantlets that are genetically stable, high quality and virus free. Get in touch to get a quote.


Why choose ARUNDO For Biomass production?

Excellent Source of Renewable Energy

Energy content of 18 MJ/kg is identical to hard wood; whilst its cellulose content allows for 10x more litres/hectare bioethanol output and 1.5x more biogas than corn with 50% fewer costs

Grows fast, high yield biomass

it has outstanding growth rates of 4-6 metres after the third year, with a potential of producing 50-80 dry tonnes of biomass per year per hectare

Soil treatment, phytoremediation abilities

it cleans and cures contaminated, toxic land through phytoremediation; prevents soil erosion; Does not rob soil of the nutrients as only empty cell wall mass is harvested at the end of the growing season; microbes on its root system fixes the nitrogen content of the air; whilst providing an excellent source of biomass as a by-product

No biohazard risks

not invasive, as it has no fertile seeds and aggressively growing root system; no pollen therefore there are no allergen impacts; no GMO meaning there are no ethical risks. In addition, there are no environmental risks for international markets: the propagation material is virus, pests and pathogen free

Low maintenance, low cost, low input cultivation plant for biomass production

As a perennial plant that lives for 25-30 years and can be harvested yearly, you don’t need to spend money on yearly soil preparation and repurchase of the plantlet. Moreover, you can utilise regular agro-technology for planting and harvesting.

No net CO2 emission

turning Arundo into energy through combustion establishes a closed-loop carbon cycle, as it sequesters more carbon than what it emits during the processing period

Requires no chemical treatment

outgrows weeds, no herbicide treatment required, whilst It has no specific diseases and pests therefore you don’t need any further expensive chemical treatment

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